If you’re reading this article then most likely you have decided you needed to get a home inspection. First, congratulations on potentially buying a home whether it’s your first or your fifth you should get an immense amount of value from your home inspection. Second, watch this video to find out what matters in a home inspection report.

46% of people surveyed stated that they were able to negotiate a lower price or a repair on their home thanks to the information they received in their home inspection.

Nearly all home inspectors use software to write the report, and most are very detailed and easy to read. However, if at all possible it is important for the home purchaser or homebuyer to be present or at least a final walk-through with the home inspector.

During a final walk-through, the home inspector can describe in much more detail why things are necessary or maybe why things are just routine maintenance issues. Also, there’s nothing more valuable than a question to clarify or expand on the information being received. Here are some important reasons why you should be at the home inspection:

  1. You can learn about the personality of the home inspector and their background
  2. You can ask specific questions about your concerns
  3. You can watch the home inspector follow his procedure and ensure that he is thorough
  4. You can ask the home inspector if he has any recommendations such as a handyman, contractor, licensed plumber, etc.
  5. You can learn about home features
  6. And you can see where important items such as the main fuel and water shut off valve are located
  7. Asking specific questions such as how to maintain or upkeep items in the home is important for many homebuyers especially first-time homebuyers

What a home buyer should not do during an inspection:

Although being physically present especially at the conclusion of a home inspection report is very important for a home buyer. The home buyer should be cautious not to interfere with the home inspector’s process and inspection duties. How many factors typically follow a very detailed inspection standard and have a routine that saves both quality and time during the inspection. If the home buyer becomes overly involved in the inspection it may distract the home inspector causing either a missed deficiency or a safety distraction. Many things at home inspectors can be dangerous climbing ladders, walking on roofs, and getting into crawl spaces. You definitely want your home inspector to be paying attention.

Lastly, understand even newly constructed homes will have deficiencies and sometimes major deficiencies. Do not get overwhelmed or disappointed when the home inspector finds deficiencies. Maintenance is an important part of being a homeowner, and things do and will break. A home inspector is a voice for the house, he doesn’t work for the realtor he doesn’t work for the seller he works for you to give you a snapshot in time of the house and the majority of its deficiencies and why their deficiencies. Use this information two ask for concessions from the seller, understand the property better, and understand your responsibilities as a homeowner.

If you’re looking for a home inspector in Louisville Kentucky I strongly suggest you find one that is associated with either InterNACHI or ASHI.