Why is a home inspection important?

Here are 7 tips to get the most out of your home inspection.

Why is a home inspector important?

First, most states (30+) require a license in order to become a home inspector. Although the requirements vary vastly from state to state, the majority of the home inspectors have gone through residential training, field training, have completed mock inspections, and have passed the national home inspection exam (NHIE). No, none of this determines the quality of the home inspector you hire, but there’s a standard and at least a knowledge base for every home inspector who passes the national exam or the NHIE. 

What is the typical price of a home inspection?

Home inspections in Louisville usually cost around $350-$400 depending on the size of the house, the age of the house, the type of foundation, and any ancillary services such as radon testing, mold detection, or wood destroying organisms Inspections (termites etc.). Considering that purchasing a home is one of the most significant life events and also one of the most costly life events, the price point for a home inspection is well worth the value. It would be a mistake to think that a home inspector would find every deficiency in a home, but following the standards of practice of either InterNachi https://www.nachi.org/sop.htm or ASHI (The two primary governing associations for home inspections), it is likely that most of the small deficiencies and generally all of the large deficiencies will be documented and presented in a report. 

What is a good home inspection report?

A comprehensive and detailed home inspection report that is written well and easy to understand is important for the buyer. The home inspection process takes place typically after the home is under contract and within the first week. And the home inspection report is almost certainly the buyer’s most influential bargaining tool when asking for concessions from the seller. Here are some of the items that are found in a good home inspection report:

  • A summary of systems and components covered in the report
  • Standards of practice that are used to conduct the inspection
  • Photos of every identified deficiency
  • A description of the deficiency and a recommendation as to whom should conduct repair
  • A consolidated recommended list of repairs at t
  • A list of any safety concerns
  • Information about HVAC
  • And types of material used for construction of the home

A home inspection report is not limited to the items above but should at least have the majority of them in it. Some home inspectors use different technologies such as gas detectors and thermal imaging devices. At the end of an inspection, you can expect to use this as a tool to bargain for repairs or additional money at closing. 

Who attends the home inspection?

There is no set standard for who is required at a home inspection, the home inspector can do it all by himself and then send the report electronically if the agent or the buyers aren’t available.  Typically, the seller would not be present at a home inspection but a buyer and usually the buyer’s real estate agent are. This is best because at minimum at the end of the inspection the home inspector can point out any large or serious deficiencies and answer any questions or concerns about items that the buyer may need to have information on. 

What is not covered in a home inspection?

A home inspection is considered a limited visual inspection, taken at one point in time and at the time of the inspection. An inspection cannot predict future problems, does not typically give the lifespan of any materials in the house, and does not usually site code. Code changes very often at houses of different ages were built during different codes, so it’s risky business for a home inspector to cite code unless they are absolutely certain that something falls within or outside a specific code.


In Louisville Kentucky and nationally we are seeing low inventory in the real estate market. Sometimes this can have buyers and agents questioning the need for a home inspection. However, most real estate agents, anyone who has purchased a home previously Would certainly recommend a home inspection. The value of the home inspection can be immeasurable when it comes to both bargaining and having peace of mind.  To find an international certified home Inspector you can look here https://www.nachi.org/certified-inspectors. And if you are in Kentucky to find a licensed Kentucky home inspector go to https://bhi.ky.gov